Prashant Manghat and Promoth Manghat, both Malayalees, have come out with crucial information. Scientific verification has shown that the documents and signatures given by them in various banks in the UAE are forged. In the United Arab Emirates, a loan of Rs. NMC was founded by Dr. BR Shetty. But Prashant Manghat, CEO of NMC Hospital Group, ruled for BR Shetty. The loan was taken when Prashant was the CEO of Manghat. He had taken out a loan of Rs 50 lakh crores, out of which Rs. Dr. BR Shetty has now filed a complaint in London in this case. In London, documents sent to banks were sent for inspection. An examination at the Forensic Lab in London showed that Shetty’s original signatures did not contain the documents submitted for bank loans. BR Shetty’s signatures were forged and loans were taken.

Prasanth Manghat

With this in mind. It became clear that the banks of the UAE were robbing the signature of BR Shetty. At the time, Shetty was head of the NMC, Prashant Manghat. His native place is Palakkad Nenama. Pradeep Manghat is Prasanth Mangad’s younger brother. He too is a link in the fraud case. Currently, Dr. B Shetty, Prashant Manghat, and Promoth Manghat are accused in the bank loan fraud case in the UAE. Shetty has now come out against Prashant Manghat and Promoth Manghat, brothers of the trap after his signatures were proved to be fake. This is the first time Malayalees are lodged in the Gulf in a Rs 25,000 crore fraud case. Even Atlas Rama Chandran, a favorite of Malayalees, was embroiled in a Rs 900 crore bank loan. The only charge was that Ramachandran’s check was returned in that case.

In any case, Prashant Manghat and Pramod Manghat have to assume that they have signed a bank loan with the false signature of Dr. BR Shetty. The Manghat brothers are now hiding in India from the UAE to get out of the case. Because they are afraid of Dr. B.B. Shetty. They fear Shetty’s next moves. It is not clear why Shetty used a bank loan of Rs. Prashant Manghat and Promoth Manghat started a super specialty hospital at Nemmara, Palakkad. Pinarayi Vijayan and others were its blessings. The Manghat brothers have made their wives the owners of this hospital without using their own names. How these two out-of-town civilians were able to build a hospital in Nemmara, worth Rs. 800 crore. It is said that this hospital cost Rs 2000 crore. If you look at the assets of the Manghat brothers ‘wives’ family, they are in the middle of the range. Farmer family of Palakkad. The big question is how did these 2 women become the owners of a hospital with a capital cost of Rs. 2000 crore? If we look at the ways and the way they lived, they would have gone up to Rs. Given the history of the affair, the ways in which the Mangadu Brothers’ wife got such a huge empire are mysterious. If we want to know, we should also look at the assets and incomes of these 2 women and their families.

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In any case, star-studded hospitals were built in the name of wives at Nemmara, Palakkad in Kerala. All the Malayalis should be arrested about the UAE, which provided 28 lakh Indians with food, jobs, and life. Manghath brothers hiding in India should be arrested and sent to the UAE for trial. Shetty will never let go of the robbers who took a bank loan in the name of Shetty. Such robbers will be subject to the law if they hide in any corner of India. Malayalees who have looted the UAE have also plundered the diaspora. In any case, the Manghat brothers’ investment of thousands of crores in India is not confined to a Nemmara hospital in Kerala. If wives are made millionaires, then they should be told how they got paid. Otherwise, they will be able to fall for it.

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