2 Malayalees come out with big financial frauds not seen in UAE to date. 2 Malayalee brothers, who are now in financial trouble from the UAE, are worth billions of dollars. They are Prasant Manghat and Promoth Manghat from Palakkad. Millions of Indians, Malayalees, and expatriates should not be shocked. Dubai Police will now find out how the Malayalees were able to commit such a huge financial fraud in a foreign country. The Dubai police are now searching for these Mangat brothers for various crimes, such as fraud, fraud, bank loan fraud. Perhaps the Palakkad people of Kerala are aware of them.

Promoth Manghat Case

Moreover, MMC, the largest hospital in the Gulf, has claimed the lives of over 200,000 people and more than 10,000 who worked in UAE exchanges around the world. There are more than 200,000 Malayalees. It is the covering of two persons who have caused so much public harm to the Arab country and the expatriate world. Many Malayalees have also been involved in UAE stealing money. Many are trapped. This is the last example. Prashant Mangat, who is currently being searched by police, is accused of defrauding Rs.

His elder brother Prashant Mangat was the CEO of NMC Hospital, the largest hospital in the Gulf owned by Dr. B.R. Shetty. Another brother, Pramod Mangat, was the CEO of Dr. BR Shetty’s UAE Exchange, which spread worldwide. No one knows where the two CEOs are now. There are more than four million cases of massive fraud. Now let us look into the case of NMC Hospital fraud and the case of Prashant Mangat. Pramod can be screened later. Sure.

Prasanth Manghat Case

The hospital was owned by BR Shetty and CEO Pradeep Mangat. The present case involves Shetty, Pradeep, and others who defrauded the bank of $ 2.7 billion. However, Shetty, now in her early 80s, says, “I signed my forfeit and dealt with bank loans and real estate.” Shetty says that those who were with her cheated. The giant business empire that Shetty built in 40 years has now collapsed like a castle. Prashant Mangat is the CEO of BRN Shetty’s NMC Hospital in Palakkad. Prashant Mangat should tell the story of the late Dr. BR Shetty. 20000 crores for NMC Hospital.

Promoth Manghat

One of the largest loans given to a bank’s healthcare facility in the Arab country is the NMC Bank of Dubai. During the reign of Prashant Mangat, there were serious irregularities in the acquisition of primary health care clinics in the UAE. American, Dr. Sunny Healthcare Group bought Sharjah in 2015 and later included Premier Healthcare. Dr. He bought Sunny for $ 64 million and American for $ 33 million. But Sunny Group bought Pradeep Mangat for $ 64 million. Prashant bought the shares of several companies during the reign of Mangat. All this was without the approval of the Board of Directors. Prashant Mangat has reportedly made a financial downturn in the purchase of several health clinics. Even Shetty, the owner, without knowing the members of the board of directors, unknowingly made fake documents and took millions of dollars in loans from the bank. It was Prashant Mangat, a native of Palakkad. Prashant left the UAE when he learned that everything would be trapped. Don’t even know where it is now.

A Malayalee has cheated the country and the bank by biting the entire staff of the largest hospital in the Gulf of India. The hospital has a staff of 20,000. Most of them are Malayalees. If Chetty Prashant Mangat was broken by Shetty’s big business, NMC was Prashant’s younger brother Pramod. Pramod would sit in that position and say it broke. When the Malayalee brothers made financial irregularities through UAE Exchange and NMC Hospital, the work was done to 300,000 Malayalees worldwide. So much harm has been done. 2 The death knell of a large business establishment was shattered by the financial irregularities of two brothers. We will see more in this next issue. However, due to the greed of Malayalees, businessmen in India and India have become bad in the Gulf.

Prasanth Manghat

Became an exception to the good habits of the Indians abroad. The Malayalee brothers have shattered the Arabs’ belief that the Indians would not do anything like this. We have to condemn this move which was made to dig the foundation of a bank in a Gulf country. See you in the next episode with more info

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