Prashant Mangat, accused of extorting money from an Arab bank with His brother, his family, and about 20 loyal people left the UAE. We have information available that these Mangat brothers are now in the comfort of a 300,000 expatriate highway. Will the Indian government intervene and seize them and hand them over to Dubai? Will the high-ranking UAE police investigate this man who is also the political guardian of Prashant Mangat in Kerala? To the detailed news that the exile world is looking forward to. The Dubai Police are investigating these brothers who have crossed the UAE from the eyes of the Dubai Police. They have been charged with criminal trespass. Prashant Mangat sits at the head of NMC Hospital, the largest hospital in the Arab world

Prasanth Manghat

The complaint alleges that Anujan Pramod Mangat financially disrupted the UAE exchange and became involved in billions of dollars of financial irregularities. Dr. BR Shetty, an Indian ex-pat who had tied the knot for 40 years, defeated Prashant Mangat and Palajankad Pramod Mangat. When the two siblings broke the giant empire in the game of Shetty’s Hospital Group and the UAE Exchange, it was the UAE and many banks that cheated. These two Malayalees were the pillars of the largest bank scandal committed by Indians in the Arab country. Now let’s get to some of the current issues. Prashant Mangat and Pramod Mangat are now in hiding. Karma News tried to contact many of their previous numbers, but no number was working. The Khaleej Times, a newspaper from the UAE, reports that Prashant Mangat is suspected of drowning in India.

Promoth Manghat

We know that the Arab countries and their rulers have respect and respect for the Indians and our country. The reason behind this state of affairs is the money from the Arab country. Do you believe in a country like the United Arab Emirates? Wherever Prashant Mangat is, Indian lovers cannot save him. According to information received by Karma News, during the lock-down period, they were hitting the ground. Along with them, there are about 20 loyalists, including their families, who have been drowned in the UAE. The film has also been released. Prashant Mangat and Pramod Mangat are said to be worth billions of dollars. The vast majority of the 30,000 … … the Keralites are supposed to be Keralites. They feel that India is a safe haven and are hiding. Whoever gives them shelter in Kerala will be ashamed of who they are tomorrow. Because in the UAE, they have the biggest allegation and case to stay in jail for a lifetime.

Prasanth Manghat Case

How did the rich and the rich go to the Gulf to become corporates and get tens of billions of rupees? How could they have got thousands of crores of rupees in Kerala? Stunning bungalows and huge complexes up to wives’ names. Assets in Mumbai and Delhi. All the major cities of Kerala are huge assets. How did all of this come about? The story of the deception of the 40-year-old Dr. BR Shetty’s empire has been overtaken by a Mammootty CBI diary. God does not even know what will happen to these Palakkad brothers who have lost 10000 Malayalees. If they get it under the hands of Arab law, they will be charged with treason and theft… Karma News does not condone… So if you say so, then the Communist Government cannot do anything but Pinarayi. Perhaps the most fateful verdict has come.

Promoth Manghat Case

When a few Malayalees plunge into the realm of the deceiver, there will be many more. Until they encounter the underworld, these Palakkad brothers will come to their shelter. On the other side, sometimes with guns, they have the power to answer. Anyway, one thing is for sure: there are people in India hiding in the shackles of the banks of the UAE. Millions of Malayalee expatriates with fair and charitable integrity will come to the UAE and surrender. How long will they live in hiding? India and the UAE also have an agreement to hand over the offenders. When a directive is issued, the NIA and CBI will lift them up and hand them over to the UI.

If they are innocent then these brothers should come to the court of the Arab country and the police and prove the truth immediately. Don’t treat Indians and Malayalees. Because of this, poor Malayalee expatriates should not get even a bank loan in the Gulf

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