A lawsuit has been filed by an anonymous woman in which French Montana is accused of sexually assaulting her while she was intoxicated.

Per court documents first reported by Blast and Variety, the woman—listed in documents as Jane Doe—was invited to a studio in March of 2018. At the studio, Montana and his business partner Mansour Bennouna were allegedly “working while drinking and taking drugs.” Eventually, Montana is alleged to have invited the woman to his Hidden Hills residence.

The woman said she later “blacked out” after taking a shot she didn’t want, at which she point she alleges to remember being in a bedroom and unable to give consent. “Several men came in and out” of the bedroom, she alleged, before she regained consciousness around 1:30 in the afternoon to find Bennouna allegedly “holding her and rubbing against her.”

According to the Complex-reviewed documents, the woman—who believes Montana was one of the men who assaulted her in the bedroom—had pain in her pelvis and decided to leave the residence and go to a Panorama City hospital for a rape kit. The kit, per the complaint, confirmed the presence of semen

“Alcohol-fueled rape was a foreseeable risk of the way that Employer Defendants conducted business yet they took no steps to mitigate the risk of alcohol abuse or sexual assault,” the suit against Montana, Bennouna, and his Coke Boys Records company states. “They failed to provide any training or instruction to their employees to refrain from such behavior and in fact, did the opposite—they encouraged such behavior because it profited the ‘brand’ French Montana and the persona they were promoting.”

The complaint outlines the specific accusations against the defendants as including assault and battery, sexual battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent hiring, and more.

Complex has reached out to reps for French Montana and will update this post accordingly

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